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Succession Manager

Every organisation has strengths and weaknesses. Would you panic if certain stars left your organisation tomorrow? When someone gets promoted, who steps up?

Is your business ready for change? Do you have reliable and up to the minute data at hand to help you quickly make well informed strategic decisions? Be smart and think ahead.  Futureproof your key roles and enable your business ambitions.

Succession Manager is there to help your organisation retain, develop and progress your talent. For managers it enables better hiring plans, identification of skills gaps and enables them to react with speed and precision. For employees it provides clear visibility to assist the planning and management of their careers within your organisation.

Get agile with Succession Manager:

  • Talent Search – search skills, competencies and experience profile information quickly to identify potential internal candidates
  • Instant profiles – easily compare candidates with access to detailed relevant profile information
  • Review people – get valuable insights by gathering crucial background, expertise, performance and career aspiration information
  • 9 Box Functionality - view individual performance levels for your entire workforce via powerful visual representations in a 9 box matrix. Based on the balanced scorecard principles, these at-a-glance vistas highlight the best internal succession candidates, enable increases in critical staff retention and identify underperformers requiring development support. A key tool at times of aggressive growth or when volatile market forces drive downsizing activity.
  • Analyse the gaps – analyse data and create user friendly reports that identify gaps and strengths in potential candidates

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